Six Pillars of Character

Six Pillars of Character

Crown Preschool Six Pillars of Character


We teach our children the importance of honesty. We encourage our students to do what they say, have the courage to do what is right and be reliable. 


We teach the golden rule and encourage our children to treat one another with respect.  We promote tolerance and acceptance of differences, good manners and good language. It is important to deal peacefully with disagreements and be considerate of other people. 


It all boils down to doing what you are supposed to do.  We promote planning ahead, always trying your best and thinking before you act.  We also explain the importance of setting a good example for others.


At a foundational level we want our children to learn how to take turns and share. We also encourage students to be open-minded, listen to others, not take advantage of others  or blame others carelessly.


We value kindness and compassion. We model for children how to show that you care by expressing gratitude, forgiving others and helping those in need. 


We teach our students to do their share to make their school and community better. This includes cooperation, being a good neighbor, respecting authority, protecting the environment and volunteering.